Outreach Programs

Outreach programmes contribute to the social and occasionally economic well being of an individual or community. The Foundation has worked closely with smaller groups comprising mainly of children – Children’s Homes, Nursery Schools and issues affecting children – to ensure that assistance that may not be easily available to these groups may be complimented by the Foundation. The fact that early childhood development is key in ones general development we have focused our outreach programmes on this group and have so far worked on providing reading and writing material, games equipment, medicines, food, financial assistance and general material and equipment relating to their improved growth.
The Foundation has outreach programs in Nairobi and upcountry.

Tessie Mudavadi, Ahadi Kenya in door-to-door food distribution to vulnerable families

Tessie Mudavadi, Musalia Mudavadi’s spouse, has teamed up with the Ahadi Kenya Trust through the Musalia Mudavadi Foundation to launch a door-to-door food distribution programme for 550 vulnerable families in West Pokot facing famine.

Mrs Mudavadi and Dr Stanley Kamau of Ahadi Kenya distributed food to households in the Aramaget slum and in Kamuino village on Tuesday.

The foundation will work with the county to help vulnerable families facing hunger, she said, noting that times were hard for everyone. More than 10,000 families are targeted countrywide.

Karatina Autism & Cerebral Palsy Support Drive And Lighting Of Childrens Christmas Tree

  • County – Nyeri
  • Karatina Town, Mathira Constituency
  • Venue: Brookfield School
  • 19th December 2022

“In Kenya 3 out of 100 births result in children affected with cerebral palsy. The Government through the Ministry of Health are best placed to increase funding to specially equip health facilities with early detection capabilities for Autism and Cerebral Palsy in infants whilst also investing in Human Resources for the constant review of the same. The increase in Public Learning Institutions would also greatly benefit our special needs children.

These are our children; they are a part of our society & they are dearly loved. Let us do what we can & to the best of our ability to incorporate them into society with love & acceptance.” Mrs. Tessie Musalia


Isiolo County Persons With Disability Door To Door Registration And Food Distribution Campaign.

  • County: Isiolo
  • Town Isiolo
  • VENUE: Isiolo Police Officers Mess.

3rd December 2022 (International Day of Persons with Disability)

As we launched the registration of Persons with Disability onto the National Council of Persons with Disabilities on marking International Day of Persons with Disabilities we also continued with

Phase 2 of our door-to-door food distribution campaign.

The registration of Persons with Disabilities is an all-important requisite in our society for only then do they stand to benefit from the National Council of Persons with Disability whose mandate seeks to promote and protect equalization of opportunities and realization of human rights for the PWD’s to live decent livelihoods.


West Pokot: Launch of our door to door food distribution program for persons living with disability and the elderly.

Through the Kushirika Wema Intiative Mrs Tessie Musalia joined Mudavadi Memorial Foundation & Ahadi Kenya as they jointly launched their door-to-door food distribution campaign in West Pokot County with focus on the most vulnerable members of society – persons living with disability & the elderly. The young ones from St Francis Sch for the Visually impaired & Keringet Sch for the Hearing impaired lit up the day with their joyful entertainment.

Our patron Mrs Musalia positively urged the County Government of West Pokot, represented at the event by their Governor Simon Kachapin to liase with the national government on the possibility of building dams to mitigate the drought situation experienced in the region (as she referred to HE President William Ruto’s speech during the recent Mashujaa Day celebrations).

A big thank you to the County Government of West Pokot and Madam Scovia Kachapin for supporting our initiative.

The Foundation appealed to well-wishers to support the cause.

Mogra children’s home visit

Visiting Mogra Children’s Home in Muthaiga North at the invitation of their Founder Mama Hannah, was indeed an honor.

As is African tradition one does not visit empty handed so we went with goodness for the home.

A wonderful reception indeed from Mama Hannah their Proprietor, Mother, Mentor and all that a Mother can be to her children

The solar jiko project

In line with HE President Ruto’s call of a Bottom-up Economy & production & utilization of Green energy to moderate the negative impact of climate change, our CEO Tessie Musalia with the CEO of Ahadi Kenya Mr Kamau launched the Parabolic solar jiko a brain child of Prof Kezia Ngungi.

This is part of a training program for social workers on how to make low cost environmentally friendly solar cookers.

As we also acknowledge October as the breast cancer month a number of jikos were donated to breast cancer patients. This shall enable the patients have solar (free) energy right at their doorsteps as opposed to subjecting them invest their resources on other forms of (costly) energy.

I thank Friends of the Foundation for their wonderful support towards the cancer patients/survivors.

Kagwe Township Primary

Invited by Kagwe Township Primary School, our founder Mrs. Tessie Musalia (with friends of the foundation) spent a day of fun-filled pep talk day with STD 8 pupils at Gatamayu Centre Nature Trail, where we distributed writing material to them.

Unbeknownst to us, the school had been budgeting for writing equipment for the class 8 pupils. A wonderful day was spent interacting with the children and their teachers.

Nairobi Hospice

Persons facing life limiting illnesses are vulnerable due to their existing condition and unfortunately now more so than ever during these troubling Covid-19 times. A little care their way goes a long way.

As we visited the Nairobi Hospice today with food and masks for their patients, we appreciate all who continue to contribute and add to our kitty as we share that which we have with the less fortunate.

“Put life into their days and not just days into their lives” is the Hospice

Kibagare Chief’s Camp

A morning spent at the Kibagare Chief’s Camp. There is so much need; what we have done is minuscule in comparison, however, I thank well-wishers for their donation(s) in cash or kind, channeled through us & for also supporting our cause. Every shilling counts & goes a long way. Thank you too to the local community social workers & volunteers. It was pleasurable working with you. Let’s continue joining hands to assist the less fortunate. God bless you for your kindness.

Soweto Outreach

In these troubling times of COVID-19 our staff Vincent was about in Soweto doing what we do, Giving. This time around we also partnered with Clinical Officer Celine Walichio who sensitized the community on what to do to help keep the virus at bay…hand washing & social distancing. Stay safe.

Victor. O Finally Graduates

A great and joyful day indeed as one of our own Victor O graduated from the University of Nairobi with a BSc degree in Pharmacy. It has been a long walk. We met you in 2011 as a form 4 student at the Alliance Boys High School. Your grades, your tenacity and demeanor are what have seen you through. Today you graduate from our prestigious university & are now part of an important human resource necessary for the growth & development of our country. Your accomplishments following your hard work cannot go unnoticed.

We are proud of you Victor. Very proud of you. May goodness and mercy continue to be with you.

Nairobi Hospice


Nairobi Hospice is a registered charitable organization that cares for and supports patients and families facing life-limiting illnesses; Cancer, HIV/Aids, and other chronic illnesses. The hospice has a new and modern facility built on a 2.5 acre piece of land donated to it by the government of Kenya. The Foundation supported the hospice in cash and kind and attended their 2013 Christmas Party where the foundation donated foodstuff to the patients.

Prayers Beyond Boundaries Children’s Home, Mai Mahiu


Mai Mahiu – Prayers Beyond Boundaries is a children’s home in Nakuru County that caters for orphaned children and victims of the post-election violence of 2008. During the visit, the foundation staff and volunteers had fun time with the children apart from giving them Christmas presents, clothing, food and school material. “I appeal to the government to also look into the possibility of assisting such homes that are catering for orphaned children caught up in the post-election violence as it continues with the resettlement of displaced families” Mrs. Musalia.

Kenyatta National Children’s Ward


Kenyatta National Children’s Ward: “Terrorism is a heinous act and one should never use children as a shield to perpetuate these heinous acts. That is a sure sign of cowardice,” said Mrs. Musalia upon her visit to console the children who were caught up in a terrorist act on 30th of September 2013 at St Polycarp ACK Church in Pangani Nairobi. The Foundation made a donation towards the medical bills incurred by the children at the hospital.

Nairobi Hospice, TUMAINI Rider


No patient undergoing treatment should be denied access to treatment due to the cost of transportation. They are already catering for their medical expenses without having to burden themselves with the logistics of transport.

With this is mind, the Foundation in partnership with a local transport company City Hoppa launched TUMAINI Rider – a ground transportation service for Nairobi Hospice patients on our aid program. TUMAINI Rider offers this facility to and from the Hospice.